Solution Weekly- May 29-June 4, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

I want to send many blessings to all of our military and their families this Memorial Day. Thank you to all who serve, have served, and given their lives for our freedom. We enjoy time with family and friends, cooking in our backyards, and sharing in games. God Bless the USA!

Do Good Work

My husband is a deep thinker. He knows I am struggling with an issue, and he will decide it is time for a talk. We shared one of those moments this past week. It was a unique process he took me through, and I am thankful for his thoughts. To provide you with the short version, I will tell you the primary purpose he wanted to take from the conversation. What is the meaning of life according to God? Do good work! I will give more details this week, but in the meantime, follow the purpose.


Do you listen to the radio? Do you have a favorite song? What about a favorite band? Music can help when you want to celebrate, when you are feeling down or when you want to relax. There is a song for every occasion! When do you like to listen to music? I have more thoughts about music, but what are yours?

Emotional Intelligence

There is much to learn about emotional intelligence and how it impacts teams. Working in teams is an integral part of what we do. As we have experienced in the past few years, we recognize we will need to navigate changes and disruptions and do this rapidly. The new book Team Emotional Intelligence 2.0 provides four essential skills and more! I will give a deeper look into what the book has to offer you this week, but grab a copy and begin to plan how to support your teams to be high-performing.

Questions seeking answers

The violence at Uvalde, Texas, with the school shootings at Robb Elementary, left all of us with more questions and seeking answers. My heart aches for all families, children, staff, and the community. It is a situation that should never happen in our schools, churches, grocery stores, movie theaters, or any public place.

I hear many agendas, pointing fingers of blame, and many of the same answers repeated after every horrific event we just experienced. The first words I wanted to hear were words to comfort a community in pain, prayer’s for healing, and compassion to unite.

There is so much more to say when the time is right to discuss the history of these events and the solutions to the answers we seek.

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