Solution Weekly: October 30- November 5, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Boo…to…ful start to the Week

Enjoy a Happy Halloween!


Have you ever thought you know too much? It seems like a crazy question to ask and to think about, but something to ponder for a moment or two. Maybe, we judge others know too much. Some people act as if they know, but they don’t!

Knowing is important to our growth, but when is it time to know it and say it is too much?

Report on Happiness

When fall rolls around, my husband is a little grumpy. He knows we will be changing the clocks to “fall” back. He does not like to change the time, and he does not like losing daylight in our days.

However, in Denmark, they spend many days without sunlight and have figured out how to avoid feeling grumpy about it. It is one of the happiest places on Earth. Let’s explore why.

Patching Holes

Holes makes you think of what?

A hole is….an opening through something. “I have a hole in my pants.” “There is a hole in the yard where he dug.” “We have a hole in our curriculum.” “She has a hole in her heart since her mother died.”

How do we work on patching holes? Road crews use many different tools to patch the roads we travel on, but how do we patch the other holes we have?


Trust is more than a word, and trusting in a relationship is so important. I took some big steps this pass week and found that others needed support more than I knew.

It isn't easy in your work life when there is no trusting environment. You do not feel like you can take those risks to do extraordinary things for those you serve. Sometimes you are asked to do things you know are not right. What do you do when your boss tells you to do something that you know is not right, does not follow legal guidelines and is not in the best interest of those you serve? Do you do it to keep your job or not?

Inspire, Motivate, Encourage and Celebrate!

Find in each day ways you can find one person or more you can do one of these things with daily!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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