Solution Weekly: October 16-22, 2021

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Time for a Checkup

October brings many changes! Leaves begin to get vivid shades of color to paint our landscapes with reds, yellows, and oranges. The temperature slowly dips down below 70, 60, and sometimes 50. This a great reminder to check up on many items! Is the furnace ready to bring warmth to our homes? Do we have our clothing prepared for colder days, and are we ready for colds and flu?

Schools must prepare for those days when colds and flu cases begin to make their way into our schools. On every classroom list, you will find those hand sanitizers, disinfectant wipes, and Kleenex. Often teachers use their own money to supply the classroom with materials like these.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and learning are constant. However, the approach constantly changes with resources, tools, strategies, programs, and enhancements. The evolution over the years is incredible when you look at pictures of classrooms a decade ago compared to the one's today.

Artificial intelligence will do what for education? What is next in the world of education?

Let’s Talk- Survey Says

Data provides us with a place to start a conversation. One of the essential steps, to begin with, is to know a few things:

  • Who conducted the survey?
  • Who participated in the survey?
  • How was the survey completed?
  • When was the survey completed?

Having a baseline of this information helps to keep the data collected in perspective in understanding the lens through which to look through when viewing the information. An example would be: If the data was collected from K-5 and you are a high school, it is not a comparison. However, if the K-5 is within your district, it is relevant to have the information as these will be your students and families if they were involved in the survey. Are you data-rich or information poor?

Celebrating Principals this week!

Joining the Illinois Principals Association for their annual conference. I am looking forward to sharing with you all I learn.

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