Solution Weekly November 21-27, 2021

Posted by Brenda Yoho
November 21-27, 2021

Making Space-Monday

Find a place, the time, a system, a technique, or your way to make space for dealing with the tension you face. Each day in school, some level of stress is confronted by someone. Where there is tension, you will find morale going down. As we all faced the challenges of COVID and the changes which went along with this pandemic, stress followed.

In the day, tension could be experienced by a colleague, student, parent, community member, or another school official. No matter the source of the anxiety or stress, the results are the same for the environment. Levels of frustration, hopelessness, anger, conflicts, and a breakdown in cooperation can occur when tension is high. We can work on finding solutions to guide us on addressing tension.

Nourishing Teaching and Learning-Tuesday

The purpose of education seems to have different meanings when you ask other groups. If we look through the political accountability lens, the goal is to increase standards and raise requirements for test scores to reflect passing levels. Students may see education as just going to school, following the rules, and turning in their assignments. Families look at it as a way for their children to build a solid foundation to prepare for college and careers.

As we look at Teaching and Learning, we will discover more of how our teachers build lessons daily to empower students for today, tomorrow and all of the days following. Many aspects of teaching and learning support all of the needs for learners.

Wednesday Wisdom

Authentic Leadership-Thursday

What kind of leader are you? It is a question I ask often. I believe it is essential to be able to define your leadership style. What your beliefs are, your values, and non-negotiable actions are as a leader. You cannot fake it until you make it!

Authentic leadership will be explored more, but most importantly discussion on practices to continue to grow professionally and to build capacity within your team.


Finding the information you could use in a weekly message to staff and having a little fun is what I would like to provide. There are some great activities you can do to create a fun environment.

Sum it Up-Saturday

One of the subjects I have always hated is math. Let's see if we can find a way to wrap up this week mathematically.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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