Solution Weekly: November 20-26, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho


We celebrate our Thanksgiving this week. A time to reflect on all we are thankful for in our lives. I look around, and I know I have all that I need to have in my life. Almost a year ago, I faced horrible news of cancer; 12 years ago, we faced as a family a horrific car incident with a semi truck crashing into the side of the car with Sarah, Aubrey, Jeanette, and I inside. Just a few months ago, the doctors scared us again with the news of cancer, but thank God we have survived that.

The Thanksgivings we have may all be very different, some may be similar, and some may be far less. There is one thing I know we all share, and that is the “Thankfulness” of all of those who are serving to protect us today to keep us safe. My faith and all I have been given, I thank God.

Blessings to you this week of Thanksgiving. May you find gratitude, warmth, hope, and love during this season.

Trusting the Direction

Do you type in the address of your destination, and the GPS produces several options as choices to take? One of the choices is fastest route. Do you select it and go?

You blindly trust this device will take you in the right direction with no questions. Hmm. Why do you think we do that? Maybe you do not do it. Let me know if you don’t. I just know so many people who type in the address and go. I am guilty of it.

This will sound crazy, but it is true because of my healing process. I had to use my navigation system after my brain injury all of the time. I had to drive in patterns. If I went to a parking garage, I would pass up all of the open spaces to go all the way to the top and pray no one was in my spot. Yes, like Sheldon on the Big Bang Theory if you are familiar with the show. I had a spot!

We will talk more about direction this week.

Boys, Are they in a Crisis

I have two grandsons growing up at this time. I was discussing a few days ago with my editor how boys have been in crisis for a while in education. However, I believe it is reaching more and more as the levels are increasing. What do you think?

I have spent some time reading many articles and resources. There is still so much to learn. We can look at this issue this week and discover more if others share their experiences with us.


Have you ever experienced “unexpected?” What is “unexpected?” Well, it is what was not expected. Would you wish to see a fish in the desert? No.

The season of Thanksgiving brings opportunities for gratitude, and then we move into the season of giving as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Many times during this season, I think about the “unexpected” miracles. There are also so many celebrations throughout the year, but take the time to think about those “unexpected” moments, which may be the time that changes your life or the lives of others. What you find may be “unexpected!”

Providing what we need

Do you know what we all need? A little laughter, encouragement, hope, inspiration, and motivation. Some days we need a hug, while others need a little escape to relax. Let’s try to find a little of what we need this week.

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