Solution Weekly: November 13-19, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Notes in a Jar

Standing for Something

WHY Not?

Escape, Invest and Breakout

I always try to do an outline of what I will be writing for the week. I started adding the headlines to the page and gave it a look and thought, wow, this looks weird. It sounded like a few lines from movies from prison breakouts or mystery movies. Maybe, my husband had me watch too many crazy shows this weekend.

This week I will share some items from some of my author friends' ideas from posts and tips to help staff with all the stress and burnout felt across all professional fields. In addition, I will add some motivational ideas and quotes, along with inspiration and encouragement.

It gets more challenging through the change of the seasons with additional stress with holidays. When you are a kid, you do not think about the stress of holidays, only the gift of receiving. I will share with you this week the honor my daughter and son-in-law have given me and my theme for Christmas this year. I decided a few years ago to do Christmas a little different at our house. My granddaughter's birthday is Christmas Eve. So we celebrate her birthday first and then do our gift exchange. I wanted it to be a little different before they went home and waited for Santa.

So, tune in this week to find out about the notes in the jar; WHY, Not? Standing for something will help you learn more about how to escape, invest, and break out as we close out the week with some inspiration!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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