Solution Weekly-March 6-12,2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Safe Places

When we hear “safe place,” what comes to mind for each of us? It can mean something different for each of us. What is a “safe place”? When do we need a safe place? Is it during a storm or when we feel anxious? How about a war when you do not know what is happening around you? What is your safe place?

Spring Forward

Daylight Savings time begins on Sunday, March 13th, 2022. It changes one week before the official beginning of Spring! Let’s pray for beautiful spring flowers and a calming of the powers; for peace around the globe.

Breaking a sea of habits, not shore how to begin?

Habits are hard to break once they are created, however with a focus and intentional actions, habits will change. My husband took me on a two-week vacation before my cancer treatments, and we talked a great deal about habits. One thing he is trying to get us both to do is to make it a habit to eat healthy, exercise, and take care of our mental health wellness. I will let you know how we are being intentional!

How leaders can calm the sea?

Leaders are faced with mighty waves on some days. This “sea” of waves can come crashing into the shore, but leaders know how to shift to respond. High or low tides, leaders can prioritize the needs. “Shell” we take a look into ways to help calm the waters? Thursday thoughts will tidy things up for us this week.

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