Solution Weekly- March 20-26, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Unlocking Potential

The season is changing! The birds are singing, flowers are growing, and the grass is getting greener! Many schools are on Spring Break, and soon we will have the Easter celebration. All of this brings a smile to my face, and I think about how at this time, many are looking at where they are in their careers, what grades they have in school, and have accomplished enough.

In every season, we have questions. Tax season is approaching fast, and it always makes us reflect on questions. Are we able to retire? Have we saved enough? Did we retire too soon? We were not expecting all of the costs we have right now, and the lists can go on. No matter the season and the questions, we need always to make sure we have unlocked our full potential.

What does potential mean?

In education, we always see a statement like this: We will work to help students reach their full potential. What a powerful statement, but what does it mean? The statement conveys a message of working to provide each student with what they need in necessary abilities or qualities to become successful or valuable in the future. It seems like a great goal to have.

You have potential

Have you ever heard or has someone told you, “You have potential.” What do you think when you hear those words? I am not good enough, if I keep working hard, I can do this, or I will never be good enough. Have you used these words? What do you think about “You have potential?”

Please pick me

My favorite position I held in my educational career was being a principal. I loved it! I had students, staff, parents, and the community. I loved working with all of these groups with different needs. I am blessed with so many outstanding individuals throughout my career, and each one brought something special to my life with lessons to learn.

I had the opportunity to be trained as a mentor and coach for principals. I fell in love with the opportunity to work with others. I myself had a mentor when I first became a principal and I knew what it was like on the other side. Picking the right people to help guide you in your career and life is essential when you want to unlock your full potential.

The roads we travel

Our journey in life provides us with many paths and roads to travel. It is the steps we take and the turns we make that allow potential to be unlocked.

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