Solution Weekly- March 13-19, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Spring Forward!

Good morning! Hoping you turned your clock up one hour! Spring is coming soon!

Celebrate Pi Day on March 14th!

Regain Balance, Gain Courage and Confidence

We face setbacks at every stage of life. When these setbacks come at a young age, we are unsure how to handle them. These setbacks can be devastating and crushing. As we grow, we learn how to handle setbacks, but it does not mean we do not struggle. What do we need to regain balance, gain courage and confidence?

I had an author send me his book to review, and it is out now for purchase. Dare to Live Greatly by L.C. Fowler. I will give you a peek into the pages of this extraordinary journey of a Navy Seal, real-life and connection to the mighty power of God. Our life should be lived to gain all the attributes needed to live the purpose God designed for us.

Do you sea what I see?

Lots of birds entertained me on the fishing pier! They had personalities and tried to convince the anglers to have some of their fish or bait!

Enjoy the best start to a great week! Our goal this week is to build on our efforts to handle setbacks. What can we do to help ourselves and others? How our faith is the center of who we are and how to live our purpose. Sometimes we do not sea what we need to see in order to follow the path designed for us.

We all need more inspiration!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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