Solution Weekly- June 5-11, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

You accomplished when others failed

The purpose of this daily blog is to remember when others were busy finding problems; you were finding solutions. Problems are so easy to find; when solutions are found, answers replace the questions. Ask why before jumping to how!

Fill up your cup

Somehow a habit was formed over time to have a coffee each morning. It began with a cup filled with sugar, cream, and just a hint of coffee more than thirty-six years ago. Today, it is a cup full of coffee with two tablespoons of French vanilla cream each morning. We have added a cup of decaffeinated coffee in the evenings but do not have it every night.

Forming habits over time can happen without really noticing, but you can be intentional in those you want to form. One I love to explore is vocabulary. If we look at the words we use, the power in our words, and our abilities to grow in our language knowledge, we are better at serving others. Let’s think about filling our cups with knowledge of the language. The first word we will look at is authority.

Highly Effective

Are you looking forward to this week? I am looking to find a better way to provide a more explicit message and focus. I would like to have shorter, concise messages and more resources, tools, and strategies. It seems life can bring many unexpected distractions, challenges, concerns to your table when you are not ready to be served all of these dishes.

Usually, I can be focused and ready to handle all life me. However, I find myself a little off-balanced and not highly effective as I have been in the past. What is the difference? Why am I finding it difficult? Are you facing issues like this?

One constant in the sea of changes I will always have is my authenticity. No matter where I am, who I speak to, or the environment, I am always me! Be who you are, not who others want you to be.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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