Solution Weekly- June 12-18, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

How to feel safe?

Feeling safe is the most critical need we have at this time in our schools and communities. I have worked hard to find the solutions to help to build safety in educational settings, with support for families and communities. We can work now to put into practice several things to help bring safety back to what we know is our priority in helping our children feel good and safe in their environments.

Work or Play?

Do you think there is a difference between work and play? Should there be a difference? What makes it different? My husband was always amazed at how I would jump up early and excited about going to work. I love getting up early and greeting the day, which is always full of opportunities. You need to love what you do!

Get to the point

Communication is an essential tool in your toolbox. If you struggle to communicate your point clearly to your audience in a timely fashion, they have moved on in the world of scrolling. Get to the point, your punch line or your hook for your readers in your first few words. If you do not capture the reader's attention or interest, the point you want to make is lost on the pages it fills.

Raise the Bar

Do we need to raise the bar or lower it? How does this affect our standards? If you are working in a particular field or area and people are not reaching the current established levels set, what is the solution? Change the level, change the preparation, change the assessment or maintain the level? What is the solution?

Motivate, Inspire and Encourage

Every day is an opportunity to help someone. One small act of encouragement can change the direction of the day; a little motivation moves us forward, and when we can inspire, we open the doors to possibilities.

We have Father’s Day and Juneteenth coming up to celebrate. Each day we can find gratitude and ways to celebrate our lives. Choose to have gratitude daily.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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