Solution Weekly: July 31-August 6, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Safety-Bullying still an issue

Bullying is still an issue for children. One area is cyber bullying! The global pandemic shifted face-to-face direction instruction to online learning. Students began to spend more and more time online. Cyberbullying existed before Covid-19, but having more time online provided more opportunities to experience negative behaviors.

Protecting Children

One of the most important jobs is to protect children. Who does it? Everyone does! At least, I hope we are all working together to look out for the children around us. Today's dangers are much different than those of their parents and grandparents.

Think about your childhood for a few moments and what it was like growing up in your neighborhood. Now take a few moments to consider how children grow up in their neighborhoods. Make a list of the dangers you faced as a child, and then list what children face today. Some will be the same, and some will be different. One that I know will be the same as that of Child Predator. No matter the age, children have faced the dangers of individuals who prey on innocence. Depending on the time, the only difference will be” Online Predators.” Technology has added a vast platform for predators to take advantage of children.


The summer months have passed by the way too fast. I have not had enough time to spend good quality reading time to support my learning. I so love to read and explore new topics and new authors, revisit the classics and discover! What have you read over the summer? What do you plan to share with others? Do you think you will do a book study with your team? I love to hear what you are doing! I am finishing a book by Marshall Goldsmith titled The Earned Life. I will share what I have gained from reading this week.


Schools are beginning soon. As leaders, are you prepared? What are the expectations for leaders? Many individuals look to leaders for different things. What are the most important items they expect to receive from you as you lead this year or any year? Here are a few of the top items on the list:

  • Be authentic
  • Trustworthy
  • Do what you say, say what you mean
  • Be approachable
  • Model (Dress Appropriately, Be Knowledgeable, Understanding)

Expectations of leaders, staff, families, and students are all things to discuss as we welcome the new school year.

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