Solution Weekly: July 3-July 9, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Happy 4th of July!


Divided we fall….

United we stand…

We are one country for all!

Please take out your hand….

Reach out, understand, ask questions, think for yourself, take a deep breath, and blink. Our country needs each one united together to stand tall, or divided we will fall.

Thank you to all who have served, are serving, and have given their lives to protect each one of us. Many blessings to all!

Slip-ups, Stumbling Blocks, Stepping Stones

Have you experienced a slip-up, stumbling block, or used a stepping stone? How do we describe these to others? Are they good to have as part of your life or things to avoid? What can we learn?

July begins the countdown

When July comes, I always begin my countdown to school beginning. The rush of thoughts filled my head of all of the items on my list of things to be taken care of before students and staff return.

We have staff to hire, rooms to assign, schedules to do, cleaning to complete, repairs, athletics to review and meet with coaches, evaluation schedules to look at, and the list grows. What theme will we have this year? How are we going to kick off with a cheerful voice? The priority must be SAFETY and for everyone to feel GOOD about being here. We will work to put those things together as we prepare for the opening of the school year. I will share many tools to help with everything you need to begin a safe, positive, and full of the growth school year!

P.A.W.S for P.I.E.

Education is full of acronyms! I always thought, wow, it is like an entirely different kind of language. People can use these groups of letters fast and know what is being said with no problem. I thought, why not join in and have a little fun!

While serving as an assistant principal at Mary Miller Junior High, I was responsible for working with our families and community. Our mascot was the panther. So it made sense to utilize our mascot and focus on partnerships. I presented Positive Attitude with Success and Partners in Education. A little play on the words PAWS for a piece of PIE as we work together to create a safe, positive learning environment for all. You are invited to Dessert, Data, and make a difference!

Let’s work together to create a powerful way to “gather together” with parents, community, staff, and all who can continue to connect to create safe environments.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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