Solution Weekly- January 9-15, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho
January 9-15, 2022

It can't be....

Do you ever find yourself questioning? How could this happen? I do not understand. What I am seeing, hearing, it can't be...... There are many things we are experiencing right now we cannot understand, but let's work on breaking down how we handle situations or information we think it can't be!

What are we building?

We know when we open the classroom door or the zoom classroom meeting, we are building...but what are we building? Incorporating civic engagement into classrooms will enhance the academic content we teach and provide students with leadership opportunities. Every lesson and classroom activity has the potential to be leadership lessons. Are we building learners, thinkers, creators, leaders or?

How do you fill in the blank?

To be a good leader, you need to____________________.

If there is one thing to remember, it is_________________.

Children need to______________.

Crazy idea or genius

Simplify everything! Is it a crazy idea or genius? What do you think? A book titled Work Smarter Not Harder by Jack Collis and Michael Leboeuf helps reveal strategies to support achieving more in less time and effort. What are other ways we can simplify our lives?

What made your list of leadership qualities to have?

I believe a job title does not define leadership. Leadership is part of our lives at different stages and areas. We provide opportunities for children to explore, experience, and engage in leadership. We have many lists of characteristics and qualities created over many decades to identify excellent leaders. Has leadership changed? Do the qualities change?

Many things to learn this week!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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