Solution Weekly: December 11-17, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Share the joyful moments

The countdown to Christmas has begun as shoppers are clicking, trucks are delivering, stores are sorting, and lines are forming. Will we get everything on our list, or will we miss someone by mistake? The pressures we can feel during the holidays can be enormous!

I have received two Christmas cards, and I am thankful. I stopped sending cards out some time ago because of the pressure of constantly feeling like I forgot someone. I used to deliver gifts and presents to so many, and I have cut back because I work from home now. However, I still do a few things. I send items to others to donate to particular causes and do my best to bring joyful moments to others throughout the year. It is my hope through the following days before Christmas; I will be able to share some of the history of our favorite Christmas Carols and other holiday stories to share the joyful moments of this time of year!

The Impact of Poverty

I want to continue to provide information, resources, and solutions for the issues of poverty and the trauma experienced as a result of the experts I follow and read. Differences and answers can be made to help with the issues facing the problem of poverty.

Education is an essential part of the solution. Resiliency is a common factor in those who have overcome many barriers. The ability for individuals to attend school, comply with the rules and comply with all of the expectations to achieve graduation shows grit. There are many factors to help individuals get to this point.

Wrap yourself up in the warmth of daily doses of inspiration!

My favorite cup with an amazing hot chocolate to warm me up!

A cup of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement is essential every day of the year. During this time, many need extra help. Holidays bring depression to many. As you find the warmth in the day from a smile, a kind word, or a hot chocolate, take a little time to send a message, call or smile at someone. Be the warmth on a chilly day or the light on a cloudy day to bring the hope needed to face the storms which sometimes come.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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