Solution Weekly- August 14-20, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Sharpen Up

In our life journey, we receive many messages from others on ways to improve, set goals, and just about any other advice you can think of as you reflect. I did some reflecting as well and thought about all of the things I have been told. What are the key factors to take away? What can you share about the advice you have been given?

Professional Learning

One glove does not fit all was a post last week. Professional learning is an important part of growth for each of us, but are we utilizing all the resources and tools available to maximize the time and cost?

What is the best way to receive professional learning? Do you conduct book studies? Attend Podcasts? Zoom meetings? Share your thoughts. How are you changing the way professional learning is happening in your corner of the world?

Questions ?? YES

If you are in a large group setting, do you ask questions? I am asking this question because my next question is this: When you were in school, did your teacher encourage you to ask questions? Can you reflect on your experience with questions? Now think about how you approach questions if you are a teacher, a leader, a parent, a friend, or a spouse. How different are your approaches or reactions?


Motivation and Inspiration are essential parts of every organization. Often you will find an individual within an organization who is the key to propelling others into these positive feelings and transforming cultures. Individuals like this spread and awaken others to the possibilities. It is exciting to watch others join in on ideas, celebrations, and opportunities to lift all.

When you see those individuals who are always doing for others and keeping everyone up, pause to ask who is helping to motivate and inspire them.


One, two, and three different ways of working with others in reaching goals and achieving them—Mentoring looks at the future and potential; coaching looks at the present and how to improve to a future state and is skill-focused, and supporting encourages the growth process.

Have you been involved with mentoring or coaching? Share your experiences.

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