Solution Weekly April 3-9, 2022

Posted by Brenda Yoho

As a leader, create paths to follow but encourage others to provide stronger roads to travel!

This past week several individuals reached out to me, reminding me of what they have learned while traveling the educational path with me. They are now on educational roads of their own, and it is so rewarding to watch them grow.

Listening to others tell you of things they learned from you as a leader is very humbling and rewarding. It provides you with an opportunity to get REAL-Review, Evaluate, Analyze and Listen. Are they taking from your leadership what you intend for them to learn?

The funny thing about leadership is that you do not know the level of your impact immediately, and when someone shares with you, it is so valuable in helping to shape your influence. People are influenced by your leadership even when you think they may not be. “I was facing a situation, and I thought, what would Yoho do?”


Do you make decisions sometimes based on someone pulling on your heart? There are many campaigns, advertisements and slogans to pull at your emotions to make you think you need to buy, vote for, or choose what they are saying.

Let me tell you, the family's baby knows how to work those heartstrings! Then suddenly, you think, hey, the other kids did not get away with that stuff! What do you do when you feel your heartstrings being pulled?

Where do we go from here?

We see things changing and hear of some additional changes on the horizon. Where do you see us going? Where should we go from here? What are the areas you would like improved? Lots of things to think about, thoughts to share, and plans to make.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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