Slowing down

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Sometimes the speed limits in life seem to have no limits. You speed up as fast as you can, but you can't seem to catch up. Your mind becomes cluttered with many mixed-up messages, your energy level is depleted, and your emotions are set at frustration.

When you are at a high level of stress, your body will respond to provide you with warning signs to do something. It is essential to pay attention to those signs and practice good habits to help prevent them!

What are some things you do to slow down? I do several things now to help me slow down and reflect. It can be so tricky when you are facing deadlines, pressure to compete to achieve and to maintain relevance in keeping current. However, none of this matters when your health is damaged.

I am enjoying time on the lake fishing with my husband and the beautiful friends who join us. Turtles, geese, birds, deer, squirrels, and many others find their way down to the lakes shore.

List a few things you can do to give yourself a little time to free yourself to appreciate the world's beauty around you.

I read daily devotions each morning to connect myself spiritually. It helps me start each day with the right mindset. In addition, I read more than I watch TV, and this also helps me.

Being creative is another outlet for me. I enjoy painting, writing and making projects with my grandchildren. During a difficult time in my life, I began writing a book. I completed writing the book but now I am rewriting it to support the needs of schools currently. I have written over a hundred blogs, active on Twitter and write monthly for the Lead Change Group.

We take walks to get exercise, and I enjoy doing work in our yard. There are many things you can do to help keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed and stressed. You need to maintain your health.

Start today with one item on your list to make a daily habit of reducing stress, maintaining health, and being the solution daily for a better you!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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