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“It only takes a spark to get a fire going.” The first line in the song Pass It On. It was in our red hymnal books at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. I wanted to sing it every Sunday. It was and still is a favorite song.

I can hear parts of these lyrics in many of the current Christian songs that I love as well like, Start a Fire by Unspoken. “ You only need a spark to start a whole blaze.”

My husband and I were driving through our hometown on our way to watch our grandson's first baseball game of the season. We went through several familiar places on the way to his game in the neighboring state. We live right on the border, so crossing back and forth between States is standard practice.

We had time, due to a rain delay, to stop and eat before the game. We ordered a modest meal, and we're finishing up when the waitress said, “Your bill is paid; the man who was at the table behind you paid it.” What? Who was he? We didn't get to thank him.

Puzzled by this act of kindness, we asked the waitress again who this man was. She said, “I think that lady over there knew who he was. Do you want me to ask her?” Yes, please.

She comes back with a name and a story that he is disabled. He is getting ready to have surgery, and he took a meal home to his mother. Now we had our entire section talking with us about this man. We shared how just last week, we were at a different restaurant and saw a lady I use to babysit for as a teen. We paid for her meal.

We gave our waitress who was working so hard a big tip equal to the cost of our meals. It was a very nice moment of a person shining bright without anyone seeing at the time, but learning from his acts.

After the game, we were driving home and looking at this community. It was so well maintained, had a display box house on a post full of books with a sign to take one and return one. The playground was beautiful, with tennis courts, basketball courts, and a swimming pool. The light was shining brightly for this community. They are proud, respectful, and appreciate all they have. It is a modest community with hard-working individuals.

What is the secret? I do not think it is a secret. It is having a community that works, supports, and respects together. They hold each other accountable for all of those things. Everyone knows everyone! It's not about “keeping up with the Jones’s,” it is maintaining respect for all.

Let your light shine as you are the solution daily. Making a difference every day adds up to solutions for better tomorrow's.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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