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Students pass through the halls at a Dallas ISD elementary school. (Photo: Dallas ISD)

Dallas ISD reenvisions school year to tackle learning loss by Matt Zalaznick, March 11,2021 in District Administration

As I read from many sources to find solutions to share, I discover educators and leaders seeking solutions to solve issues caused by the pandemic by thinking outside the box.

The pandemic has pushed leaders to rely on their collaboration skills, empathy, and creativity in approaching the needs during this time. Additionally, dealing with mental health, social-emotional needs, and vulnerability. Helping teachers feel safe in taking chances and being innovative in how they approach instruction—allowing freedom for students in making choices. Maybe the camera is on or off during instruction, as an example. Students were learning during this time, but so were all of the educators!

I discovered this article and found it interesting to read about the approaches they have presented. My favorite term they use is “unfinished instruction.”

“Dallas ISD leaders prefer the term “unfinished instruction” to learning loss, and plan to tackle the problem with extended school calendars in 2021-2022.”

“Beginning-of-year assessments showed 50% of students had fallen behind in math and 30% in reading during spring COVID closures and summer 2020, says Derek Little, Dallas ISD’s deputy chief of academics.”

I think you will find the article helpful! Here is the link.

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