Revisit, Reevaluate, and Reimagine

Posted by Brenda Yoho

August is here and is always a reminder to me of a new school year. A time when leaders and teachers begin to revisit schedules, procedures, materials, and expectations.

Looking over all of these things, we reevaluate what was accomplished in the previous year. Where are we currently with our goals? Where do we want to be? How will we get to where we want to be? What are the things we want to accomplish? What do I want to accomplish? What are the talents of our team? What are the gifts I bring? What role can I play?

The word of the year seems to be reimagined. Reimagine is to imagine something again to form anew or to rethink it. It is not a brand new something but an original creation with a new interpretation. When I think of imagining, I think about creativity. What are the creative solutions we have for the unexpected issues of the day?

Covid-19 brought us a wave of unexpected issues. Creativity was used to respond quickly. There was no stone left unturned as it hit every aspect of life. It was up to all leaders to reimagine how to serve all in a new way.

Societal changes occurred, and many other issues sparked additional waves throughout our world, bringing loss, grief, tension, controversy, fear, and isolation. It is our abilities, availability, knowledge, support, and dedication that can make a difference in the lives we touch, reaching beyond whatever we can reimagine.

Decide the answers to the questions before we begin a new year. (What) gifts do you bring to the team and the role you will play. (Who) will you help support in the group? (How) will you continue to grow and help others grow? The (Why) is the essential question and answer. It is (Why) we do all we do each day to serve others. At the end (When) the results of our efforts are provided, it is still the (Why) that supplies the best reply.

Thank you for being the solution daily and being the (why) to so many. It is the importance of what we do every day to add up to all the differences in the lives of others.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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