Regain Balance when facing setbacks

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Setbacks happen. Have you experienced a setback? How have you regained your balance to get back on track? Setbacks can be crushing, cause serious doubts, or can be easier to handle after you experience several setbacks.

Facing setbacks is something we can help teach others to understand. When day-to-day setbacks occur for others, we can point out the opportunity to use them as learning opportunities. As a teacher, when a student fails a test, it can be a massive blow to them. The first steps to take are in discovering the cause of the failure. An authentic learning experience to help support students, evaluate teaching to serve students better and provide students with tools to apply for life-long learning.

Significant events that drive setbacks are more challenging to handle and overcome. Circumstances of serious illness, death and significant financial losses take on more approaches to support each individual.

A setback causes us to become unbalanced as we struggle with our emotions. It is natural to have feelings about situations we face. Gaining control over our emotions is essential to retaining our balance as we face forward. Setbacks are learning opportunities. This is how we must look at each one. Every setback we face helps build our resiliency to rebound and gain balance.

Think about a time you faced a setback. What steps did you take to help regain your balance? Here is one of the setbacks I faced and the steps I took.

Steps of Setback

As a middle school principal, I knew the importance of building trusting relationships. When I was involved in a near-fatal car accident, I knew getting back in front of staff and students was essential. My setback was a learning opportunity for all of us.

  • Acknowledge the struggle of the accident
  • Identify the challenges of the recovery
  • Provide the knowledge of what has not changed
  • Assurance of the return
  • Understand the levels of support
  • The daily basis of the foundation of faith
  • Encouragement of this learning opportunity for all

Balance is gained by forming a solid foundation to stand on as we build resiliency. Helping others identify their support system, core values, and beliefs will provide the balance they need in overcoming setbacks.

Talking face to face with staff and students together so they could see me in person was important. They needed to see me, hear my voice, and listen to my message of learning. The impact of my accident did not need only to be the crash site, but the lessons learned to impact all lives it could touch.

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