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Posted by Brenda Yoho
This week on Principal Center Radio, Brenda Yoho joins me for a delightful interview that instantly become one of my favorites out of 400+ interviews: 
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We discuss: Brenda's childhood experience of being falsely accused of forging her mother's signature—and how it impacted her practice as a school leader and let to the two rulesWhat Brenda's high school teachers did differently to make her feel good and safe. A blueprint for fostering mental health, addressing trauma, and meeting social-emotional needs in schoolsHow Brenda established trust with students as a new principal (which shocked teachers, but worked) Brenda Yoho's career in public education spanned more than 25 years, as a teacher, elementary principal, middle school principal, and director.

She provides encouragement and leadership advice at, and coaches and mentors school leaders. She is the author of Lead with Two Rules: Feeling Good and Feeling Safe.

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Justin Baeder, PhD
Director, The Principal Center

"I only have 2 rules!"
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