Potential, Purpose & Passion

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Thursday is a day for thinking and thoughts. I am thinking lots of P words today! This week has focused on Potential. In the past posts, I have mentioned Purpose and Passion. I often talk about your spiritual side and the power of prayer. Maybe we should ponder on these P words today to see if we can bring them together to project, protect and propel to our future with success!


We have discovered a great deal about Potential. In each one of us, we have skills, abilities, desires, and dreams. It is when the key is found to unlock the doors to open us up to the “shoulds” to “coulds” and believing in ourselves. Different people hold the keys during the journey of our life.

Building trust relationships allow the keys to unlock the full potential inside each one. We cannot grow, learn and develop when we close our minds. No key can open a door with multiple locks. The importance of building positive relationships is essentional. As I continue to talk with you about Two Rules, the significance of this as a foundational piece is critical. No one can grow in a place where they do not feel good or safe, where people choose to be part of the problem and not the solution.


Your purpose fuels the drive to find your potential. If someone asked you to describe the meaning of purpose, what would you say? It is a great question, and I hope you ask others within your team. You need to think about the question and come up with some thoughts and then read on. The thoughts I share are my thoughts.

Purpose to me is Why. It is the why in everything I do. When I break it down to a simple phrase, I always come up with the same answer. “Bringing value, joy, love, and service to others.” My phrase: Be the solution daily. It is how I approach each day in everything I do. Is it perfect each day? Absolutely not; I am human, so I make lots of mistakes. It is the efforts that count.


When you hear the word passion, what do you think of first? If you are like me, you think of feelings of love. I describe passion: “Passion is the emotion behind our Purpose. We begin with the love of what we are doing, working on, or the excitement of being part of it. Then it becomes our purpose with a more focused agenda. When purpose begins, so does the plan to achieve. Passion is the dream to believe, and Purpose is the plan to achieve!”

I hope you have enjoyed the past and present posts on Potential, Purpose, and Passion. People are brought into our lives to help us plan, prepare and ponder on our thoughts. Pieces of our plans can project significant meaning to others, and some, may not find meaning. When our message is not precise, clear, and targeted to our audience, confusion sets in, and the plan fails.

Portray each day who you are authentically and believe in yourself. The approach of your passion and purpose will take you very far. Your potential is not measured by what you achieve, the titles you hold, or the money you earn. Others measure potential in how you supported, guided, and helped create a better tomorrow than today. I can remember the day I received the phone call from MaryAnn Moore asking me if I would consider coming to join her team. I would work as her teaching assistant. I did! I stayed with her, learning and growing. I became a teacher with her and then left to be a classroom teacher. My growth continued, but it started with a phone call from her and the belief I could make a difference.

What is stopping you from your Potential, Purpose, and Passion? Take the step today or pick up the phone to jump-start it for someone! #Bethesolutiondaily

"I only have 2 rules!"
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