Pledge of Allegiance

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Serving as a principal in education was one of my honors in life. I am also honored to be part of a military family, as my husband served in the United States Navy. His father served as well, and his brothers served in different service branches.

My staff and students had the opportunity to hear announcements each day over of loudspeaker system and an invitation from a student to stand to join in saying the pledge daily. It meant a great deal to me, as I know it does to all Americans.

As a teacher, my students stood to say the pledge each day in my classroom. My 5th-grade classroom will never forget 911 as the news came to us with a knock on our door. Our classroom was on the top floor of our school building, so it was natural to ask, “is a plane going to crash into us?” Our first response is always fear when tragedy strikes.

Our class did lots of work to understand what had happened, what steps could be taken to prevent tragedies like this, and all of the questions they had, we could search to find answers. The message was clear I wanted them to learn and receive. We are united as we stand, free as a country, and individuals give to protect them daily. This message is the same today as it was then. It may seem clouded at times, but our nation was built on a solid foundation to withstand many challenges.

The pledge of allegiance is something I believe all should continue to respect, recite and remember daily. Freedom is never free, and the moment we forget, we will regret it. I am proud of my youngest grandson. He can now hold the flag for his pre-school classroom as they recite the pledge. He just turned four years old, so he will get an opportunity to continue to grow before moving on to Kindergarten in a place they are building strong foundations.

Thank you to all of those who are currently serving to protect us, have served, and who have lost their lives for their country. To all of the family members, we thank you as well. As a former Navy wife, I know the sacrifices a family gives alongside those who serve daily. Many blessings to each. God bless.

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