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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Reading, reflecting, and researching ideas about teaching is something essential. I am always excited to share information to help educators teach and learn.

Recent surveys indicate that nearly 50% of educators are contemplating leaving the profession earlier than planned or within the next two years (GBAO Strategies, 2022; Merrimack College & EdWeek Research Center, 2022). In 2018, the annual PDK Poll found, for the first time in the 50-year history of the survey, that a majority of parents (54%) would not want their own children to become teachers (PDK International, 2018). In this year’s poll, only 37% of respondents said they would want their child to become a teacher (PDK International, 2022). Since 2010, teacher-preparation programs have seen, on average, declines in enrollment of more than 35% (Will, 2022). If these trends continue, teacher shortages will continue to increase, and learning will continue to be at risk.

The article from PDK shares the team-based model. It is full of some great information and reminds me of how my 5th-grade team of teachers worked together during my teaching days. We worked as a team to organize our strengths to focus on our specialty areas. I do believe it helped us with the students we served. We had around 100 students assigned to us.

Looking at a different approach to serving students and the way we approach teaching will help in curving those who are feeling they have no freedom in education and enhance learners by being with teachers who are teaching in the areas they are experts.


  • Establish a team-modeled approach (Reading, Math, Science, Social-Studies, Language Arts, Specialist Teachers). Many teachers are certified in more than one area, and many have interests or hobbies to bring to the team; innovation and creativity add to the dynamics of all teams, and each team is unique
  • Provide a scheduled time for group planning
  • Schedule a group of students to a team
  • Flexibility is provided to teams with only a set time for lunches, and specialist staff shared and busing
  • Facilitate continuing learning with multiple opportunities through training, webinars, district development, coaching, mentoring, and additional resources available

Helping to find different approaches to teaching and learning helps to continue to keep everyone engaged. Providing students with active involvement in their learning will continue to develop their learning growth.

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