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Be Real-Authentic

If you are a follower, you have heard all of my stories; if you are new, I thank you for joining today. Sometimes I share personal journey stories, spiritual talk, inspirational messages, motivation, leadership, and education. If followers have an issue they want me to discuss, they need to leave me a comment or email at I am always willing to discuss an issue or problem being faced.

For over a decade, I have dealt with the aftermath of a near-death car crash due to a semi-truck plowing over us. The damages to the bodies of those traveling in the vehicle are life-long. We praise God that all survived.

During this timeframe, I also developed breast cancer. I am a survivor of both of these incidents, and I praise God daily for allowing me to continue to give to others. However, with both of these incidents combined, I needed to have an additional surgery this week to repair bone in my chin area and to extract those teeth to do implants. I have experienced this with my accident as it wiped out a great deal, and I had to have bone replacement/graphs completed along with implants. The medication I take for breast cancer is directly impacted my bones and is causing bone loss. The need to repair the bone in my jaw and to proceed with the implants had to happen now after my bone scan.

So far, the surgery has been successful, and I am completing all of the aftercare. Now we are on to the second part of the storm clouds in our family as my husband will be seeking additional medical attention this next week. At this time, we do not know anything more, and I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers for our family. Please continue as we feel them. We need them this coming week more than ever!

The joy I find in our storm clouds is in the closer we can walk in our faith and the ability to share with others the strength that comes with having the courage to share. My husband is a private man and does not like attention drawn to himself so I will spare all of the details at this time. When we know more, I will gain his permission to share details of this journey. I believe it is important to share as in life, we all find ourselves jumping from one crisis to the next, and how do we handle each of them with no time to recover?

Oh yes, my book is with my content editor, and we started this process during all of these crisis experiences. I kept holding off, but why? The information is needed, and there is no reason to wait for a perfect time.

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