Perfection, Doubt and Fears—-Oh My!

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Understanding the concept of Success

If you ask someone to define success, you will discover different definitions. People define success in how they believe it should look.

Is Elon Musk an example of success?

He sure has received a great deal of attention in the news after announcing his bid for Twitter. He is the richest man in the world.

Does money define success?

The President of the United States is the highest office you can achieve.

Does title or position define success?

Success is determined by measuring the outcomes of projects you do, job performance, and other things you do. Your definition of what success is may vary. Many people might define it as being happy, safe, healthy, and loved. It is the ability to accomplish your goals in life.

Does emotional well-being define success?

Have you ever made a list of goals for your life? My high school teacher Mr. Bob McMurray asked our Senior English class to complete this task. I was a kid who took things to heart, so I did it and kept it. I completed everything on my list as it was written. On my list, I said I wanted to write a book. I did. I have not had it published yet. Why? All of the reasons we will discuss in understanding the concept of success. I have been enjoying the learning journey I have been on and waiting for the right time. Plus, my goal list did not say anything about publishing. This is the fear talking!

“If you wait for perfect conditions, you will never get anything done.” Ecclesiastes 11:4

I ask others if they wait before making an important decision. Many have told me they do if they are allowed the time, but in many cases, you need to act quickly. The world we live in today requires a fast pace. The world's race can be intimidating to all who want to make a difference.

You do not want to find yourself left behind or forgotten in a world that will continue to move forward with or without your input. The population is multiplying. We can look at it through the lens of doubt or influence. There are so many people; how can I be seen or heard? There are so many people I have a chance to influence to make a difference! We can question ourselves with doubt or how to do it. Action is the active part of working towards success.

Chained by our own thoughts

Preventing ourselves from success is found by looking in the mirror. We are chained by our thoughts of perfection, doubt, and fears. We utilize many excuses to prevent us from moving forward, taking a chance, or taking any actions to gain our footing as we reach for success. Let’s look at the list of ways we can begin to work on helping ourselves break free from the chains of our thoughts.

  • Do not be defeated by wrong choices you have made in the past
  • Refuse to get discouraged
  • Problems from others and yourself shout for your attention, prioritize
  • Do not play the blame game
  • Your words and actions align
  • You have the power to choose
  • Build up with facing fears
  • Accepting responsibility and criticism
  • Show integrity at all times
  • Understand and forgive
  • Persistence, instead of giving up

Perfection, Doubt and Fears

These are three words with a great deal of control over our thoughts. Our lives or those around us will never be at a level of perfection. As my faith teaches me, we will have imperfections in the world we live in. When we feel the doubt and fear enter our thinking, we know we need to face them and push forward. Our choices in the past we have no control over, nor should they control us today. It is our choice to let go and choose today a better way.

We will choose our words and actions. The power we have in our words is supported by our efforts building trust with others as they know we have integrity. We are accepting responsibility for our actions. Leaders do not look for excuses or people to blame. Understanding and forgiveness is something leaders need to do for others, but most importantly for themselves. Many times they do not allow for understanding or forgive themselves for mistakes.

Problems have loud voices. The noise level drowns out all other sounds needing to be heard. Leaders have to prioritize the sounds and limit the amount of time they are given. The leaders today have persisted through challenges. Giving up and being discouraged is something that we all face as challenges continue to develop.

Learning More

We have more to learn as leaders. I will continue to provide more information, thoughts, ideas and resources to continue to grow. Share your thoughts and ideas.

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