Peace, My thought for each day

Posted by Brenda Yoho

It is within each of us to reach deep into our souls to find the peace which exists. Even if the world is turning upside down, we need to find our steps to walk on the path of peace. So many things we cannot control, but what we can, is our self-control and faith.

Many things will be spoken, repeated, and repeated for us to believe. Look back over history, all the way back to the very begining to know each one of us come from a life journey filled with despair. However, we have risen with the many hands which continue to lift. Many will celebrate Easter this Sunday. It celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The rise of Jesus Christ is a central belief for Christians worldwide and the focal point of our faith. The event occurred three days after he was crucified and brings hope to all we too will be resurrected in Heaven.

Rise up each day with gratitude to glorify the faith, peace, and hope you can add to your space in the world. The more we can share and model, the more it will grow.

Peace to you, blessings, and hope for a better day than yesterday and a brighter tomorrow than today. Be the solution daily in a world that needs you!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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