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Posted by Brenda Yoho

Several years ago, I decided not to set goals as a New Year’s Resolution. It is true when you see the reports that most people will set goals but fail to achieve them. Many of the “resolutions” set are unrealistic, or they have too many they do not keep track of and forget. The statistics about New Year’s are interesting to look at, and some do find success.

Many want to find a way to save money, be healthy, and improve overall well-being. I believe these are all great goals to have! We should all strive to work to do these things each day of the year.

It can be overwhelming if you pressure yourself to pay for a gym membership to work out each day and not go. Then you begin to place guilt on yourself for not going and paying for something you do not use. Then if you pay for a weight loss meal program and do not see results in the first few days, you give up. What if you are paying for a financial planner and seeing monthly losses? In your mind, you begin to think it is not worth it.

I have often stated I am very simplistic in my lifestyle. Keeping things simple is the best way to stay focused. I only have “Two Rules” in my philosophy of education and life, I suppose as well. In my approach to each day, I have “one” word to maintain my focus on all I want to accomplish, how I want to live, my passion, and the: how, what, why, who, and when of all the commitments I have, will make and create.

I select a new word each year based on what I see I need to do based on where I am. It sounds so easy, but it is, and it is not. One word is for everything. You apply it to all aspects of life. If you genuinely want to make a difference, then begin with “one word.”

My word for this year is Grit.”

I have had a goal to write a book. I in fact, wrote a book. I wrote this book as I was recovering from my brain injury, and my career in education had ended. It was the perfect time to work on creating and filling the gap in life.

During this time, the world was hit with Covid-19, I developed Breast Cancer and went through my treatments, and I am cancer free. We also lost some loved ones during this time and experienced difficulties with other health scares. You would think it is time to give up, but no.

An individual with “grit” knows it is the passion and perseverance you need to see things through that is needed. So “grit” is my word for 2023 as I see my book make it to the publishers. I have been working with an editor, and I know we will get it right and into the right hands.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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