October is………

Posted by Brenda Yoho

October brings us a change in our season and a time to reflect with gratitude the leadership of the leaders in our schools.

Principals, your dedication is a beacon of light in the shadows, as you tirelessly work behind the scenes. You bear the weight of responsibilities that many never fully grasp. You are the trusted pillars for staff, families, and students, supporting them through every challenge, from the smallest to the most daunting.

Every achievement is a testament to your leadership, and you never forget the incredible team standing beside you. But in moments of hardship, you stand alone, taking on the burden of responsibility with unwavering strength.

Your hats are numerous – from instructional leadership to fostering a nurturing environment for all. You are the guardians of academic policies, champions of teacher growth, and the unwavering advocates for students. You listen, guide, and enforce discipline when necessary, always striving to create a fair and bias-free atmosphere where every student can thrive.

An effective principal knows that "all means all" and tirelessly pursues practices that empower every student's success. You fearlessly challenge any obstacle that obstructs the path to achievement for any individual or group of students. Your work is truly priceless, and your impact immeasurable. Keep shining your light, for you are the unsung heroes of education.

I loved all of my positions in education, but being a Principal was my favorite. It provided me with the opportunity to serve first hand students, staff and families. Now I coach principals and I love watching them grow. The work they are doing is incredible. Many blessings to all Principals, Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Bus Drivers and everyone involved with education.

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