Ocean waves

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Taking a few days away is something my husband and I needed. Waves of many issues had hit us to handle, and the stress was more than I realized. The waves of emotions we had settled after spending time listening, relaxing, and enjoying a different kind of rhythm.

Gulf shores are always our favorite beaches to visit. We have several different areas along the Gulf we like to go to. Watching others enjoy it is great, meeting new people is fun and visiting new places to eat is always excellent!


Calming sounds the ocean brings as the waves come to the shore. The winds come to add more sounds as the volume is turned up, bringing the waves higher. The sun rises to bring a colorful backdrop to the music playing.

From the balcony, I can see people walking along the beach, fisherman beginning to mark out their area to fish, and people looking for shells that the ocean waves may have brought to the shore.

The sun makes its appearance to brighten the day. The birds begin to join as they fly by and stop by the fishermen in hopes they will grab breakfast.

The dolphins begin to swim by and surface briefly to remind us of all the hidden treasures and sometimes dangers in the ocean waves. The beauty of nature is something to enjoy.

A little windy, but a beautiful day!
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