November 2023 Leadership Development Carnival

Posted by Brenda Yoho
leadership development carnival

In the spirit of November, a season of gratitude and thankfulness, let's come together with loved ones to create cherished memories. As we prepare to feast, let us also feast on the wisdom of remarkable thought leaders from around the world. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each of them and to Weaving Influence for granting us the privilege to host this edition of Lead Change Carnival. This month, let's be thankful, give generously, and inspire positive change in our lives and the world.


Jennifer Miller shared The Ambiguity Factor in Leadership Communication. Jennifer explains: “Ambiguity Factor: The further employees are from the epicenter of decision-making, the more creative they will be about forming conclusions. It's a leader's job to ensure clarity and deal with the grapevine.”

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Brenda Yoho shared C.P.R. In Leadership: Breathing Life Into Conversations. Brenda explains: “In the realm of medicine, the acronym C.P.R. stands for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, and it has the power to make the difference between life and death when administered correctly. However, what if I told you that these three letters could also hold the key to resuscitating your leadership skills and breathing new life into your personal and professional relationships? That's right; C.P.R. in leadership is all about Complexity, Possibility, and Reaction – and it's just as critical to your success as it is in the medical field.”

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Marcia Reynolds shared The Most Powerful Way to Sincerely Connect With Others. Marcia explains: “You must prep your brain before conversations so it can’t sabotage your attempts to connect. Follow these 3 steps to ensure satisfaction with your interactions.”

Connect with Marcia on Twitter at @marciareynolds.

Lisa Kohn shared How to Take In Feedback You Really Don’t Want to Hear. In the post, "How to take in feedback you really don’t want to hear", Lisa Kohn from The Thoughtful Leaders™ Blog shares that while tough feedback is hard to hear, it can also be helpful, and eventually freeing, if we’re able to take it in and learn from it. It’s a challenge, but one worth taking.

Connect with Lisa on Twitter at @ThoughtfulLdrs.

David Grossman shared Effective Leadership Transition: A 6-Step Guide for Communicators. David explains: "In this comprehensive guide, we consider the crucial role played by communicators in facilitating a seamless leadership transition. We explore why such transitions are vital, the challenges they pose, and the key ingredients for success."

Connect with David on Twitter at @ThoughtPartner.

Diana Peterson-More shared Two More Difficult Words in the English Language: Thank You! Diana explains: "Two of the most difficult words in the English language are: "I'm Sorry;" and another two are "Thank you." In these turbulent times in which we live, where many find it easier to blame, shame and maim others – particularly on social media – wouldn’t it be a step towards a return to civility if we all agreed each week to seek out situations in which we could say: Thank you; I’m sorry; and, give out a pat on the back to another for something well done?"

Connect with Diana on Twitter at @DianaPMAuthor.


Bill Treasurer shared 5 Leadership Lessons from Powerful Women. Bill explains: "October was National Women’s Small Business Month, a time for us to reflect on and appreciate the work of powerful women entrepreneurs in this country and all the contributions they’ve made. In that spirit, let’s look to lessons from a few of the world’s most impactful women leaders."

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Dana Theus shared The Power Code [Book Review]. Dana explains: "When women see power as an opportunity to bring joy to their own lives and change to the world, they can often be more successful than they ever thought possible. Authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman do an excellent job of painting a broad picture of the challenges women have in the workplace while also offering actionable advice. They take a perspective on women and power that is realistic–eyes wide open–and hopeful. They talk to real women who struggle and still find ways to wield power with joy and impact."

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Frank Sonnenberg shared Be Careful What You Take For Granted. Frank explains: "Most people are so busy chasing things they don’t have, that they fail to appreciate the things they do."

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Sean Glaze shared Use These 27 Helpful Feedback Questions. Sean explains: "Feedback questions can significantly accelerate your growth as a more effective leader. The information you gather from coworkers and peers can provide the most valuable and actionable information that you will receive for your own professional and personal development… and it is something that you can collect more effectively… Soliciting helpful feedback successfully and then taking action on those insights is how you will become a more effective leader more quickly."

Connect with Sean on Twitter at @leadyourteam.

Priscilla Archangel shared Falling Leaves: What No Longer Serves Its Purpose. Priscilla explains: "To ensure we’re optimizing the best processes, strategies, routines, products and services for our teams and organizations, we need to distinguish between whether “falling leaves” represent a seasonal change or the end of the life cycle. This is an opportunity to ask three questions and take the corresponding action."

Connect with Priscilla on Twitter at @Prisarchangel.

Sara Canaday shared Why Adapting Your Behavior at Work Pays Off. Sara explains: "Discover how adapting your behaviors at work can fuel your professional growth, redefine your ability to influence and engage, and set the stage for individual and collective accomplishment."

Connect with Sara on Twitter at @saracanaday.

Angela Hummel shared Protecting Leadership Development Investments. Angela explains: "We need to protect our leadership development investments, yet we must do better than throwing the spaghetti—I mean the training—at the wall, to see if it sticks. It would be nice to have training insurance or a guarantee that would provide feedback and confidence that participants are applying what they learned back on the job, ultimately protecting the training investment. Coaching is the answer!"

Connect with Angela on Twitter at @AngelaJHummel.

Jon Verbeck shared Budget Time: Use the 80/20 Framework to Keep Costs in Line. Jon explains: "You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 concept (also known as the Pareto Principle), where 20% of whatever you are considering (i.e. workers, technology, inventory) is responsible for 80% of the results (productivity, sales, and profit.) The fourth quarter of the year is budget season and a great time to take a closer look at your overall cost structure within the 80/20 framework. It’s time to ask yourself what you REALLY need to run and continue to grow your business."

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S. Chris Edmonds shared Are You, As a Leader, Suffering from BMS? Chris explains: "What beliefs are behind the recent return-to-work demand for so many companies? Many senior leaders suffer from BMS: boomer male syndrome. BMS sufferers can be identified by their reliance on industrial age leadership beliefs, practices, and behaviors."

Connect with Chris at on Twitter at @schrisedmonds.

John Spence shared Trust: Your Most Valuable Asset. John explains: "You've got to be good at your job, but if you can't work well with others, you cannot be an effective leader. To be successful, you must have a high EQ."

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Karin Hurt and David Dye shared Workplace Innovation: The Secret to Getting Better, Remarkable, Usable Ideas. Karin and David explain: "If you’re getting lots of ideas, you’re probably doing a lot of things right when it comes to encouraging workplace innovation —making it safe, asking for input, and responding well. That’s a great start. But how many of these ideas are you implementing? Imagine if you weren’t just getting lots of ideas, but remarkable, practical ones."

Connect with Karin and David on Twitter at @letsgrowleaders.

Marcella Bremer shared Why a Corporate Context Entices Transactional Behaviors. Marcella explains: "Are you a valued person on the team - or a human resource, only valuable if you deliver sufficient output? The way we treat each other at work is influenced by corporate culture. If we treat others as people we make life at work not only energizing but also more productive."

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Ken Byler shared Measuring Effectiveness. Ken explains: "While business often obsesses over the use of metrics, how often do we measure the effectiveness of leadership? What might happen if we did?"

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Randy Conley shared Becoming a Trusted Servant Leader - 3 Ways to Engage and Retain Your People. Given that a leader influences 70% of how engaged employees feel on the job, Randy Conley shares three strategies leaders can follow to engage and retain top talent in Becoming a Trusted Servant Leader - 3 Ways to Engage and Retain Your People.

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Julie Winkle Giulioni shared Strategies to Become a Better Virtual or Hybrid Leader. Leaders encounter intricate challenges when managing virtual or hybrid teams. In this article, find insights to optimize team performance within these non-traditional work environments, adapting to the ever-evolving terrain of remote and hybrid work.

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Ken Downer shared The Oatmeal Habit – How to Form Habits that Stick to Your Ribs. Ken explains, "When it comes to developing new habits, or shaking off old ones, a simple change in perspective can make all the difference. Here's how that lesson hit home one day over a bowl of oatmeal, and a simple mental tweak that can help us all stick with the habits we are trying to form."

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Recruiting Next Generation Workforce

Emily Addison shared The Evaporation of Male Labor Force Participation. Emily explains, "According to Male Labor Force Participation: Patterns and Trends there are multiple reasons that males of prime age aren’t seeking employment. Among those reasons are a shift in U.S. industry structure, a decline in male educational attainment, delayed family formation, the rise of substance abuse, and heavy use of video games."

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Bev Kaye shared Morale Suffers When Talent Leaves. Bev explains, "As a manager, you’ve already seen the numbers. You know, the ones that tell you how much it costs to lose an employee. The effect on your bottom line when it takes 70% to 400% of a person’s salary to replace them. When we “run the numbers” for an organization or a department…it’s clear that there are much better ways to spend money than to see it walk out the door!"

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Team Building

Art Petty shared Tired of the Drama Storm? Effective Managers Write the Rules of the Road With Their Teams. Art explains, "Many managers have wished for a simple cure for the drama storm in their workplace environments. These are the he said/she said/they didn't/I can't work with him/them discussions that are all too present in a manager's life. A simple, powerful solution: write the Rules of the Road with your team."

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Jon Lokhorst shared 5 Tips for Creating an Impactful Off-Site Retreat. Jon explains, "What are you doing to work on your team, not just as a team? The best leaders recognize the need to get off the hamster wheel of never-ending operational tasks to focus on building a cohesive, high-performing team. Here are tips to create an impactful off-site team retreat to do that."

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