Next steps-Sequences to follow?

Posted by Brenda Yoho

As we travel our roads and paths on our journey through life, we move through our stages, ages, and seasons. It seems we have a sequence we use in our thinking and actions. In the previous post, we talked about being prepared and unprepared. We have developed habits over time, expectations, and patterns to follow. Has life become a routine?

Where is curiosity? Curiosity initiates us to ask more questions, look more closely, and engage. If we do not have curiosity, we fail to see opportunities and ideas. In the absence of curiosity, we respond to what others point out and tell us.

Working with our students, staff, and leaders, we need to help to build confidence. Confidence is another part of our journey that is an essential piece to allow for risk-taking, exploration, and investigating options as we move forward. Without confidence, it is easy for doubt and negativity to capture your thoughts. Confidence opens doors without fearing failure, embarrassment, or feelings of not being good enough. A sense of confidence is a willingness to act!

I have written several times about curiosity and confidence. I believe these two are the foundation of building the ramp to the road to success. Then a commitment to what we believe, say, and do! The work we do is reflected in the commitment we make to our core values, our work, and those we serve. In addition, our courage is an integral part of our path as we continue. Courage is not the absence of fear as we travel on our journey. We will have many challenges, failures, and so much more! Courage is the choice we make to act despite the fear we may have.

There are many parts to the next steps and the sequence to follow as the light of the path guides you. It all begins with the first step and the choices we make.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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