Never Giving Up- “Not Done Yet”

Posted by Brenda Yoho

“Stop Playing Small, and Do What it Takes to Stay in the Game, ” Bonnie Marcus. I hear those words now after being benched, and I am ready to play!

When you have no control over situations that happen to you, a decision needs to be made. Do you let the impact stop you completely, or do you regroup and get back up? Well? Get back up! You are “Not Done Yet”!

“It’s more important than ever before to understand and communicate your value, speak up, and pull yourself out of the shadows.” Bonnie Marcus. So maybe you have to change a few things, make adjustments and do something different. You are alive, vibrant, full of ideas, and have plenty to share!

Pick up a copy of Bonnie’s book “Not Done Yet.” She provides excellent wisdom and tips! It is easy to take yourself out when you feel pushed down but have value in who you are. You have a purpose; now do it! Never let someone make you think you can't because.... You can because you have and will! We may have to change a few things, even what we do, but we have a lot to give. Thank you, Bonnie Marcus, for your excellent book and to all of those who have helped me move on to be a better me!

All that matters is how you see yourself!

I love finding things like music to tie into a theme! This song link is for everyone who reads Bonnie’s book! No more being small!

This song link I found to remind me and all of you, no matter what, never give up!


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