Never Give Up

Posted by Brenda Yoho
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“The past serves as our lessons in our journey through life, teaching us as we prepare for the path ahead. Today is a gift full of opportunities to choose the direction of our compass, our hopes and dreams of endless possibilities. Our future motivates us to take the next steps as we embrace the endless amount of blessings which we will have on the path just ahead."~Brenda Yoho

“Dare to take risks to face your fears and overcome them.”~ Brenda Yoho: Best place to learn how to take risks! @DanielBauer Leader of the Ruckus Makers, author of MasterMind, creator of Better Leaders Better Schools, and so much more!

Have you ever written down your goals? Did you create long-term goals, short-term goals, or both? Have you accomplished all of the goals you have written or said you would do? 

I first learned about goal setting as a senior in high school, sitting in a classroom with classmates and listening to Mr. Bob McMurray. He gave us an assignment to write down our goals. I wrote them down. I remembered and rewrote them yearly, but I could take them off my list as I accomplished them. My first goal was laughable to many, but to me, it was very serious. I had committed to my high school sweetheart, and my first goal was to marry Zeke and build a solid foundation for family longevity. Everyone thought this was a stupid goal because we broke up a lot and got back together. It's a learning practice in how you grow through developing relationships. We are preparing to celebrate 38 years of marriage and 40 years of high school graduation.

My second goal was to graduate from college to fulfill my promise to my parents and to help me grow in bringing strength to my family through the work I would be trained to complete. I started at Danville Area Community College, worked as many hours as possible, and took independent courses to graduate early with an Applied Science degree. Then, through the years, I completed a Bachelor’s and Master’s from Eastern Illinois University. I was the first in my family to receive a college degree.

My third goal was to write a book. I enjoyed writing since the day I began writing. It was the place I could go to discover myself, write all of my thoughts without any fears, and express myself. No one was reading it, so no one was critical or approving. I often would write a poem I thought could be a song and give it to my minister. He would read it during church services sometimes. Mr. McMurray always gave me encouragement and support. When we moved back to the area, my husband and I still talked with him. I told him I had not forgotten about my goals and had accomplished two of them. He has passed away before he will know I have completed goal three. I have written a book and so many other things. The book will be published within the next two months.

My fourth goal I added on as I had reached the Master’s Degree. I wanted to continue to receive my Doctoral Degree; however, I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I knew why I was accomplishing my other degrees. I wanted to continue to expand my reach to help and support more individuals. The only need for the doctoral degree was for the title only. I had no intention of holding another position to utilize the degree. I felt the only need for the degree was the title so others would think I was more authentic in what I was telling them. However, this is not the right reason to seek a degree. The other reason I wanted to pursue the degree is because many told me I could not due to the semi-crash I was involved in. I was trying to prove something. But why?

We never have to prove anything to anyone. You are “good enough” the way you are. Set your goals to accomplish what you want to do and to reach a milestone you want to achieve, not “for” or “because” of someone else. I should have written for my first goal to love who I am. I have often said that to others. You have to love yourself first before you can ever truly love others. Write that down as your first goal. Love who you are.

You spend the most time with……you.

When you are upset you turn to…….you first.

When you need to pick yourself up you turn to……you.

In your life, you will be working to support finding the tools and resources to provide you with what you need. If you have faith and religion, you will also lean on this first. You will find those trusted adults around who can be in your corner to provide what you need. 

It is so easy to quit and challenging to navigate, never giving up.  Never giving up takes time, patience, compromise, difficulty sometimes, and more.  You can overcome, it may not always turn out the way you thought, but it will be what you can build on as you travel your path.  Always know there is someone who believes in you and will never give up on you!  

"I only have 2 rules!"
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