Monday Moments

Posted by Brenda Yoho

This past week and weekend were full of many different things to spark my emotional reactions.  It is difficult for me as my injuries to my brain prevent me from expressing emotion completely.

I lost a friend who I only spoke to on occasion, but she was always there and I was always there for her.  She would capture your heart if you met her as well.  It reminded me of the purpose of our lives and the depth we need in each day.  It is in the quality of our time and not in the quantity. 

The butterfly is our reminder of the ripple effect we can have in each day.  If you are in a classroom you are spreading your wings to ripple through generations which will impact the world.

If you are leading a school, your wings are capturing all of those you lead and inspire them to reach further to embrace new ideas.  You are leading change, improving, and enhancing everyone to reach high standards.

As a parent, you are encouraging and supporting all involved in working to provide your child/children with the skills they need.  You are modeling, collaborating, and helping as part of this team to create the best possible environment for children.

A community is pulling together to create and implement every possible solution towards the support of home, school and community.  It takes all of us together to make sure everyone feels good and feel safe.  Together we can make every Monday and each day, a moment to remember.

Ericka, I will always remember how much you accomplished each day.

Today is your Monday Moment! Make a magical, magnificent and memorable meaningful memory today!

"I only have 2 rules!"
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