Monday Memo, Starting with a purpose

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Free, Enter to win, Last chance to receive are great ways to draw attention to your memo to get people to read. But do we want people to read the memo or do something because they read it? Better yet, do we want them to be inspired, feel empowered, know they belong to a purpose, understand the role they play? Why are you writing a memo?

Writing clear memos is essential to communicating effectively. Memos help in many ways as they can help: solve problems, clarify calendar events, discuss strategies, promote community events, opportunities for reflection and so much more. However, before you begin to write memos know the purpose you want to accomplish.


Know why you are writing the memo

In my decades of education experience, I can tell you my memos when I first started were a “hot mess.” I crammed everything in them with no apparent purpose, did not proofread them, no validation of the dates, and there was a great deal of telling going on.


Always have mission statement on all communications

As I grew, I understood more about what is needed in a climate and culture of teaching and learning. The most essential item I believe should always be present on communications is the mission statement. This is what we are always working on and should always be the focus of our communication, decisions and practices.


Keep it short, to the point, use bullet points

Memos should not be overwhelming to those who are on the receiving end. Could you make them with bullet points, short, focused sentences, or in a clarifying way? Make them appealing to the reader and easy to find for verification. A calendar of events is an example with a box around it. Be creative in your delivery. I will work to add some example memos to my website for your use.


One of the resources I used during my career was The Marshall Memo. I believe there is a small charge now to receive these emails, but they are packed full of great information he has gathered to keep you focused on bringing relevant content to your staff. Check it out at In addition, I also utilized The Master Teacher which offers support for Superintendent, Principal, Teaching, Teaching Assistants and more.

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