Monday! A great gift to unwrap!

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What gifts did you unwrap this Christmas you found to be the most important to you? I love to hear about traditions and unique gifts people share during the Christmas season. It is my favorite holiday for so many reasons, and one I love to celebrate each day of the year.

Monday's can be a day hard to face if you are greeting it after a holiday break, experiencing a loss, or coming to a place you do not want to be. Now others are thinking, no way I am so excited for today! I love getting back to work and seeing people I have missed.

The holidays can be stressful! We always try to make them as easy as possible with pure fun and enjoyment. This year I wanted Christmas to be a game for the kids. I am big on passing down pieces of family memories, but this year I wanted to let the kids begin to start recording their own. However, I did not know that on December 22, I would receive an unwanted gift. A phone call told my husband and me, “your biopsy is positive for cancer, breast cancer.”

Nothing changes in how we continue in facing our days. Our gifts would be unwrapped just as we planned. No need to let the unwanted gift of this news tear open the plans of happiness for the best Christmas ever for the grandchildren!

Giving gifts are the best, but receiving is lovely too! I am so grateful for the hearts of my grandchildren and how their parents allow them to be authentic as they grow. My grandson was able to shop at school for us. He bought a coffee mug for grandpa, “Grandpa, you are out of this world,” with a UFO and martian. He bought me a beautiful necklace that had an oyster shell to open to find a pearl to place inside the heart. My granddaughter bought an essential oil diffuser with oils she specifically picked out to help with reading and writing. “Deep Thoughts and Mindfulness.” My youngest grandson gave me the gift of slippers and socks to keep me warm and safe.

I could not have asked for a better Christmas with these beautiful children, a loving husband, an amazing daughter, and a son-in-law. Our friends helped us always support this time to celebrate, and they are the best!

Some gifts you unwrap you want to return, you think to yourself, what were they thinking? My grandson yelled out after opening a gift, “You know me so well!” Then you are left with some gifts you do not know what to do with, but with the many gifts you receive, always remember the blessings you have and the gift that can never be taken from you. As you reflect on those blessings, let me share the one gift I gave to the children was a picture book all about them! Memories, make them!

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