Millions of Moments, Memories of Lifetime

Posted by Brenda Yoho

“This was us on bus 36,” read the post along with a TikTok clip. The memories came back to me, not clearly but enough to bring a smile and a reply.

I am blessed to have several former students from both districts I served, along with their parents, as friends. It provides me with gifts daily to peek at the lives they have with pictures of celebrations, new babies, and the sorrow of a loss they experience.

Many or most do not realize this interaction helps me keep my brain active with generating memory. I suffer from a traumatic brain injury which places me at a higher risk of developing memory loss (Dementia, Alzheimer). Keeping active, reading, writing, and living my purpose helps me every day. I need them to tell me who they are, stories about what they did, are doing, and plan to do. Their stories keep me going each day! It guides me in my service to others to build lasting relationships with the students and families they serve.

I have seen several news reports, posts, and other media sources talk about legacy. The question is always, “What do you want to leave as your legacy?” I think it is an essential question to many people who reflect right now on their life and the choices they are making in careers. What will people say about you when you are no longer here? Will they even know you are gone?

I have never approached life with thinking about what legacy I would leave behind. Instead, did I leave the places and people better than the way they were before me? Did I do everything I could to make a difference to help them? I am not talking about money, material things, although in some cases, those things do help. It is more about feelings, time, commitment, and “all-in” approaches.

I had to leave my professional work before I was ready and I have found a way to continue to help others through my writing. I support other authors and hope I will have the courage to present my book to others. I do not believe everyone has to feel like they need to leave a legacy to have accomplished their purpose in life. Do not worry if there is a statue, road, school, or anything named after you to feel successful.

Reflect on the millions of moments in your life and look in the mirror. I bet those moments have placed a smile on your face, maybe caused you to laugh out loud, and to remember the joy you shared with so many! You will also find times of sorrow; I know I did, but I quickly thought of the moments before the gentleness we shared. A lifetime of memories adds up to your legacy and what those who love you will remember. Make those millions of moments count as you share a lifetime with others making a difference!

Thank you for allowing me to be one moment in your millions on your journey! Being the solution daily is a tribute to all I have served, continue to, and plan to serve.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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