Memory Lane

Posted by Brenda Yoho

When you get the phone call that your former coach is coming to town, and she wants to include you in the group to meet with her, you say Yes! Also, because she was the teacher you replaced when she retired. Then she was the teacher who had your daughter, niece, and nephews. She is the one in the pink striped shirt! I am sure she will not care if I tell you she will be 80 years old in September!

The group also included my music teacher from my elementary school days, the same teacher for my daughter, niece, and nephews. She was also the music teacher during my time as a teacher in the district. She is right behind coach P, next to my sister in red. The teacher right behind me worked with me when I was a teacher and worked alongside all of the ladies for years. I had her niece as one of my students.

As many students are moving forward to the next grade level or on to the next journey in their life, please remember the place you left and the people who are glad you were part of their lives. Many blessings to teachers, students, principals, and families!

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