May 2024 Leadship Development Carnival

By Brenda Yoho
May you find this month a garden full of seeds for your leadership. I have provided a little sampling of the thoughts shared inside as you begin to prepare for a season full of color bursting arrangements with aromas to energize and motivate.

In the dynamic landscape of leadership, contradictions often surface: research shows the strength of women's leadership yet societal norms lean towards a different model. This dichotomy presents an opportunity for introspection. Are we future-fit, ready to embrace change and learning? Reflecting on the past can illuminate a path to insightful and visionary leadership. 

The relentless pace of change can lead to burnout, but embracing AI-driven tools can elevate coaching and outcomes. Remember, technology enhances but doesn't replace human touch. Leaders must be mindful of biases and strive for authenticity.

New leaders face uncertainty, akin to the near win. Success isn't always linear; it's about resilience and learning from every experience. Cultivate a culture of courage, where discomfort fosters growth.

leadership development carnival
Vulnerability isn't weakness; it's courage in action. Embrace it, for it leads to stronger teams and better results. Just as the eclipse brings subtle yet significant change, strategic leadership choices can eclipse old habits and spur innovation.

Trust and flexibility are key to future-proofing leadership. Consensus decision-making, rooted in shared perspectives, strengthens team connections. Understand your team's strengths, and watch them flourish.

As you reflect and renew your leadership journey, remember that every seed planted carries the potential to bloom. May you nurture your leadership garden with care and wisdom, guided by the insights of global thought leaders.

Embrace this season of growth with open arms, for within it lies the potential for greatness and transformation. May your leadership journey be filled with abundance, joy, and fulfillment as you cultivate a garden of success that inspires others to bloom alongside you.


Listen Without Comment: Assuming Facts Not in Evidence  
Diana Peterson-More

"Assuming Facts Not in Evidence," is a commonly used objection during witness testimony; it means that the witness has testified to a fact that has yet to be introduced at trial. Similarly, we often assume facts about others, causing us to form opinions and draw conclusions - often faulty - that dictates our actions. Starting with attentively listening to others, this post offers practical, easy-to-implement tips to ensure we are learning what the facts are, which, will then inform our actions.  Connect with Diana on LinkedIn


What the Eclipse Can Teach Leaders
- Julie Winkle Giuliolni

The recent eclipse offered a moment of small yet significant change when our tiny moon overshadowed the sun, beautifully mirroring the impact that subtle leadership actions can have on an entire organization. Leaders can learn from this, recognizing how strategic choices can effectively eclipse old habits and unproductive practices… and bring about enlightened dynamics in the workplace.  Connect with Julie on LinkedIn

Encourage Innovation by Following 4 Simple Truths
- Randy Conley

Innovation is the lifeblood of growing organizations, and it cannot happen without trust. In this post, Randy Conley shares four commonsense principles that leaders can follow to create a culture of trust and innovation.  Connect with Randy on LinkedIn

See How ‘FAR’ Your Leadership Can Go
- Jon Lokhorst

Persistent and pervasive changes in the workplace compel leaders to continually develop new skills to be relevant and effective. Building flexibility, agility, and resilience are the keys to future-proofing your leadership.  Connect with Jon on LinkedIn

Decision Making

Delusions of Inclusion: Three Ways Consensus Decision Making is Harming Your Culture 
-David Moerlein

When we pursue consensus decision making, we want everyone to agree, despite the common scenario of differing individual opinions and perspectives across the team.. At its best, consensus decision making has the potential to support team connections by embracing shared perspectives. At its worst (and more common), it stifles the contribution of differing opinions and silences the minority.  Connect with David on LinkedIn


How to Build Confidence as an Effective Leader in Four Fundamental Steps 
-Sean Glaze

Confidence isn’t just a nice-to-have quality; it’s the fuel that drives effective leadership.
As a team leader, you are often steering a ship through uncharted territory, with your crew looking to you for direction and sureness determination. Without confidence, your decisions become hesitant, your vision remains blurred, and your team feels unsure and adrift.  Connect with Sean on Twitter

23 Ways to Disappoint People 
-Frank Sonnenberg

When was the last time something or someone disappointed you? If you’re not aware of the impact that your behavior has on others, you should be.  Connect with Frank on Twitter

Leaders are Bakers! It's All About the Yeast 
-Priscilla Archangel

Leaders who understand the yeast, the unique strengths of their team members, can coax the best performance out of them. They learn how their employee’s strengths are best activated, how they flourish, and ensure the right environment is there so they can shine.  Connect with Priscilla on Twitter

Are Women Better Leaders Than Men? Exploring the Leadership Gender Gap
-Dana Theus

Research says that women display more positive leadership characteristics than men but that most people believe that good leaders act more like men. Exploring these contradictions paints a fascinating picture of the incongruity between people’s experiences of leadership and their stereotypes when it comes to both leadership and gender.  Connect with Dana on Twitter

Prep your organization for 2030
-Marcella Bremer

How future-fit is your organization? Can your organizational culture handle learning and change? Let's learn from The Future Formula by Jo Caudron. What will your organization do in 2050, 2030 and 2025? Do you know the scenarios? Are you prepping...?  Connect with Marcella on Twitter

The Power of Reflection
-John Spence

Embrace the strategic advantage of analyzing the past to make your leadership insightful and visionary. In this blog, I explore the transformative power of reflection in strategic decision-making. Revisiting past decisions has the ability to sharpen leadership skills, boost organizational learning, and refine future strategies.  Connect with John on LinkedIn

Employee Well-Being

Employee Well-Being in the Workplace: From Burnout to Thriving 
-David Grossman

The constant pace of change and a variety of new demands are contributing to widespread burnout among employees and managers. The issue is becoming increasingly urgent for leaders to address. This article features findings from our new workplace well-being study – Burned Out & Checked Out: What Employees and Managers Need to Thrive – conducted in partnership with The Harris Poll, that addresses the state of employee well-being in America, uncovers the main drivers of burnout and thriving among employees and managers and highlights the path to building a thriving culture.   Connect with David on LinkedIn


Amplify Your Coaching Impact with AI 
-Sara Canaday

Explore how AI-driven tools can elevate your coaching game and achieve better outcomes. While no technology can replace the human art and science of coaching, tools like ChatGPT can significantly enhance it. By simulating realistic coaching scenarios, practicing responses to challenging conversations, and analyzing your coaching style, AI can help you refine your skills, making your interactions more impactful and effective.    Connect with Sara on Twitter

Nurturing Human Needs
-Ken Byler

Leaders have a unique obligation to pay attention to the way they treat team members and customers.   Connect with Ken on LinkedIn

Of course you’re biased – it’s how our brains work. Here’s how to keep it in check
-Lisa Kohn

Lisa Kohn of Thoughtful Leaders Blog presents Of course you’re biased – it’s how our brains work. Here’s how to keep it in check where she shares that while our biases are here to stay, and we even have our objectivity illusion bias to make us certain we’ve taken all the steps and are no longer biased, if we continue to be Thoughtful – present, intentional, authentic…and reflective – we have a chance of managing our biases so that they don’t lead us fully astray.  Connect with Lisa on Twitter

Leadership Transition

Share First, Listen Second: A Guide for Incoming Leaders
-Michael Lee Stallard

How can incoming leaders get off to a strong start? Share first and then listen. Michael Stallard and Katharine Stallard share why this approach works.  Connect with  Michael on LinkedIn


How to Determine if Risks Are Worth Taking
-Marcia Reynolds

You take risks regularly but hesitate when the outcome is unknown. This post gives you 5 things to consider to help you make a decision with risks.  Connect with  Marcia on Twitter

Success Begins with the Near Wins
-Neal Burgis, Ph.D.

Success is not linear as you will experience the near win at times. How do you handle the near win? Will you quit altogether or prepare for the next time to win success. Focus on the process, not the results.  Connect with  Neal on Twitter

Team Building

What Every Leader Should Be Doing
-Bill Treasurer

Every leader needs to foster an environment where discomfort is not merely endured but embraced as a catalyst for growth and learning. By encouraging your team to step into their individual courage zones you can cultivate a culture of courage that propels personal and organizational success.  Connect with  Bill on LinkedIn

Open the Door to Vulnerability and Courage 
-Lorrie Coffey

We know determination is a very key factor in the workplace, but that determination and perseverance go hand in hand with the ability to be vulnerable. “The definition of vulnerability is uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure. But vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our most accurate measure of courage.” (Brené Brown, 2018). Some lessons about vulnerability are: if you show vulnerability, others will follow, being vulnerable takes practice, how you respond to the vulnerability of others is make or break, and vulnerability in leadership leads to better, more productive, teams.  Connect with  Lorrie on Twitter
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