Making Memories, Monday

Posted by Brenda Yoho
This is from one of our favorite places to get treats! Royal Donut in Danville, Illinois, is one of the places my grandchildren always want to stop!

I had some medical procedures done last week as a reminder never to take life for granted. I reunited with my original doctor from the ’90s, who first diagnosed me with Crohn's disease. It was great to see him and talk about the many medical issues I have had over the years.

I am still in remission, so this was great news! A reminder of reducing stress, monitoring your diet, getting plenty of rest, and exercise. The most important lesson is to make memories every day!

My husband and I have always loved to fish! Fishing is one pastime we have in common. He has taken it to a higher level with competitive bass fishing that I support him in when he wants to compete. However, we enjoy going out on the lake. We were able to do a great deal of catch and release on our last fishing trip. We kept a few to share with our family and friends, but this big catch was released. She was able to go back and enjoy bringing more life to the lake!

A 16 inches long crappie

Our grandkids love to come to visit, and we love to have them! We are blessed to have three wonderful ones! Today I will share about our two grandsons and will share next time about our “teenage” granddaughter. Oh, how they grow so fast!

Abram is our Kindergarten student who could remind you of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory with his intellectual approach and sometimes quirky ways. He can name all of the planets, tell you descriptions of animals, and tell you what country has the peacock as their national bird. He remembers this information when it is presented to him. His favorite thing to do is to have you ask him math questions or to ask you questions. The love for dinosaurs is not lost as he has embraced it completely. Yes, you guessed it! He can name them all and tell you about those as well!

We built a T-Rex on his latest visit and several other activities that included making things for his siblings. The love they have for each other is heartwarming. They openly express it, and I hope it never fades.

Alden is our three-year-old who desperately wants to be like his brother! He has captured the art of storytelling, and he utilizes his eyes and facial expressions to emphasize his message. Whenever he tells you about something that has happened to him, it happened on “Wednesday.” Wednesday seems to be his favorite day of the week. This is the day everything happens in his life. We have no idea why, but it is. He enjoys playing with the train tracks, playdough, and building things in general. But he still wants to sit with me and read! Reading is what I love the most. His brother is reading now, and Alden wants to read too! He will read to me based on the pictures. They love Brown Bear, Brown Bear! I know they will get too big before I know it to sit on my lap or next to me to read, but for now, we will make a memory.

Moo Moo let me read you a story! ( Yes they all call me Moo Moo!)

Thank you for following my blog and being part of the solution daily. Together in life, we make memories and share lessons learned to provide hope for the future. Make a memory today as we help mold the foundation for the future.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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