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"The beauty of spring is seen in the new growth. As parents, we watch the growth of our children as their roots provide a solid foundation on which they stand to stretch out to touch the unimagined as they flower into what we always knew they could."~Brenda Yoho

One of two trees planted at my home as a reminder of my parents and their support. It is also a reminder of my other family members who have passed on who played a significant part in my life. We planted one of these trees for my mother as a gift for her birthday right before my wedding. I can remember looking out at it before heading to the church. I would be leaving home for the first time at the age of 19 to travel to the state of New York to begin the life as a Navy wife.

Lead with Two Rules

Growing up, I observed a lot and developed a love for reading. Education posed a challenge for me, as I lacked additional support systems at home and we did not have access to modern learning tools like we have today. While my parents gifted me a set of encyclopedias that I cherished, I sometimes struggled with the content.

Having a supportive environment is crucial for a child's success. Fortunately, I had a loving support system that provided encouragement and all the resources I needed to thrive. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Cole Chiappialle, the author of "LEGACY, your story has purpose." Reading his book allowed me to reflect on my own journey. Cole had a community of support systems, school was a positive source for him and a loving father.

Cole’s name may sound familiar to you if you are a sports fan and especially football. He was a running back at Penn State. I am not a big sports fan, but have found myself surrounded by a group of former football players. I may finally get myself back into shape! This group is great! My grandson’s love sports but they are big hockey fans. However, my son-in-law played football.

Cole's upbringing, marked by his mother's struggles, resonated with me. His book doesn't just provide details but prompts reflection, empathy, and an understanding that our responses to challenges define us more than the situations themselves. "LEGACY" is a testament to the power of Lead with Two Rules—a philosophy that empowers youth to make choices, ask questions, build positive habits, and realize they are not mere victims but resilient over-comers.

Life presents numerous challenges, and "LEGACY" teaches us that we can all make a difference in our lives by embracing the principles of Lead with Two Rules. Cole dedicates his life to carrying on the LEGACY his dad provided him of love, sacrifice, dedication and support. He will continue to pass this on so this LEAGACY will continue. “What matters are the choices you make today, the choices that will affect those behind you for years to come.” - Cole Chiappialle

Cole's book is deeply rooted in the loss of his father and the profound impact of his father's dedication to improving his life. The pain of losing loved ones is something familiar to those who have experienced such loss. In my own life, I have faced multiple traumatic losses. I was by the bedside of both my parents, caring for them in their final stages. Cancer, in particular, has been a devastating experience. When I was diagnosed, I made the choice to shield my grandchildren from this news.

After completing my treatments (4-25-22), I am grateful to be two years cancer-free. However, the specter of cancer remains a constant presence in my thoughts. It's a reminder that once cancer enters your life, its impact never truly fades away.

Pick up a copy of Cole’s book, LEGACY, Your story has Purpose at If you do not have a copy of my book yet, please grab a copy

Lead with Two Rules imparts the essential skills required to tackle the multitude of challenges we encounter in life's journey. Just as Cole's experiences illustrate, possessing these skills can be the determining factor between success and failure. Our choices not only shape our own lives but also influence those around us profoundly. When the realms of home, school, and community align their efforts, remarkable transformations can occur.

By delving into Cole's narrative, you'll witness firsthand how these dynamics play out in his life. Consider how your own story reflects the impact of home, school, and community on your journey. Can we strive for improvement? Absolutely! Society reflects the pressing need for these enhancements, and together, we can make a difference. Cole’s father made an impact that changed his life and now many generations to come.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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