Living up to Expectations

Posted by Brenda Yoho

We often scroll by or read quickly the items shared on social media platforms. There are times when you find something that causes you to stop, pause and reflect. Adam Grant often shares a short message, and they are always great thoughts. I stopped on a recent post on Twitter he made. You will find it below.

“We spend too much time trying to reach other people's standards, and too little time defining our own. It's better to disappoint another person than to lead a life that disappoints you. Success is not about meeting someone else's expectations.

It's about living up to yours.”-Adam Grant


Do you have standards? What does it mean to have standards? This is one of the statements I hear myself saying a great deal lately, “We have lowered our standards so much, people allow everything and say no to nothing, it seems today.” Am I the only one thinking this way?

I have been very negative for the past month; I know it could be my medication changes. However, I think we have lowered our standards a great deal. We have legalized so much, made statements we are no longer going to arrest individuals for certain crimes that are committed, and my list could go on. Are you kidding? We have to have accountability. It is right or wrong. You break the rules, or you abide by the authorities.

I have personal standards that are reflected in all areas of my life. My standards are the same all of the time. I just gave my grandchildren a little lesson about being humble. “We do not brag about winning, we do not make fun of others who do not win, and we support others in having fun in playing the game.” Brothers like to fight with each other and then also pick on sister. It is part of being kids, I know, but always take every chance for a teachable moment!


We place expectations on ourselves and others. Others place expectations on us and we are quick to begin to compare ourselves to others. If we look at Adam’s post, he says meeting expectations from others does not equal success for us. Instead, we should embrace our truth and reach to achieve our authentic standards and expectations.


Can you define standards, expectations, and success? What do these words mean to you? What do they mean to us as leaders? What should they mean to us as a country? A fine line is drawn as we look at this thought which defines more than an individual but generations.

Define your standards and expectations. What does it mean to you to have success? Share your thoughts.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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