Let’s Talk-Personal Message

Posted by Brenda Yoho

Thank you for being a follower! My goal is to work each day to provide followers with solutions, thoughts, inspiration, motivation, and resources. I have recorded a message for you today. This is my beginning to bring video content to you. It is challenging to record yourself, but this content I wanted to share with you face to face. This was as close as I could get!

My first time trying to record myself and set up a YouTube channel. A difficult time for me, but we are facing it together! Thank you for being part of my journey!

Depending on the time you are reading and listening, I am on my way to surgery, in surgery, or recovering. I thank everyone involved in my care and treatment. May you find comfort in knowing we are never alone in any struggle we may face. Face everything and rise! Rise up!

❤️Love, love her, and know we will all rise when we face our fears!

You are the solution daily to so many never forget! Thank you for your leadership and service to others. We all rise together when we value all we do~many blessings, friends.

"I only have 2 rules!"
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