Let love and safety bloom: Lead with Two Rules

Posted by Brenda Yoho

In the realm where love's sweet passion reigns, Lead with Two Rules, where harmony remains.

Not mere words to echo in the breeze, But sentiments that comfort, soothe, and ease.

For every heart yearns for a gentle embrace, A sanctuary of love, a sacred space.

Especially for the young, eager to explore, Guidance and safety are what they implore.

It's not solely one's duty, nor just a few, But a collective effort, a mission true.

Together as kin, as school, as society, We mold a world of kindness and piety.

With just one soul igniting the flame, A blaze of hope, no darkness can claim.

As we unite in love, as we take our stand, The shadows fade at our touch, at our hand.

Let love be our beacon, our guiding light, In every action, in every plight.

For in sharing love, in every which way, We build a world where Two Rules hold sway.

So let us embrace, today and forevermore, The power of love, let it deeply pour.

For in this union, in this divine display, We craft a world where love will forever stay.

In the sanctuary of our souls, a haven we seek, Lead with Two Rules, when courage we speak.

Guidance, a beacon, through darkness it gleams, To think, to ponder, before we let words stream.

Safety, a fortress, not just for our own, But for every heart, in every zone.

Learning the steps of problem-solving bright, Navigating storms, with wisdom's light.

Self-awareness, a mirror, reflecting our truth, Social awareness, connecting our youth.

Self-regulation, the helm we hold tight, Guiding our ship through the darkest of night.

In the tapestry of life, feeling safe we weave, Fear's heavy burden, we shall deceive.

Resilience our ally, as we rise and transcend, Facing everything, until fear meets its end.

Lead with Two Rules, in every deed, A symphony of safety, for all in need.

In this world of trials, where challenges loom,

Let love and safety forever bloom.

"I only have 2 rules!"
© 2024 Brenda Yoho
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