Leadership Always Needs a Plan!

Posted by Brenda Yoho

If you are a leader, you know you need a plan for everything! As educational leaders you have a binder full of plans! Examples: Early Dismissal Plan, Emergency Plans, School Improvement Plans, Curriculum Plans, Evaluation Plans, and many more!

When Covid began, so did the planning. We needed to react and then respond to the needs as this crisis brought many elements. After two years and now three, we need to know how to lead out of a crisis.

One of my favorite leaders is Craig Groeschel. This is part 1 of a 2 part series talking about Leading Out of Crisis. He makes excellent points to help leaders look at the plans they have and how they are taking care of themselves.


I am continuing my journey in learning more about The Art of Convening by Craig and Patricia Neal. Authentic engagement is the purpose of the use of the Convening Wheel. The center is the Heart of the Matter-Who I am in a relationship with others. “Knowing who we are as human beings help us to bring this genuineness forward.”

Looking at the rest of the elements of the Convening Wheel they are described as follows:

  • Clarifying Intent-The alignment of our intention with the purpose of our engagement
  • The Invitation-A sincere offering to engage that integrates purpose and intent
  • Setting Context-Communicating the form, function, and purpose of our engagement
  • Creating the Container-Creating the physical and energetic field within which we meet
  • Hearing all the Voices-When each person speaks, is heard, and is present and accounted for
  • Essential Conversation-Meaningful exchange in an atmosphere of trust
  • Creation-Something new that emerges from engagements of shared purpose and trust
  • Commitment to Action-An individual and/or collective agreement to be responsible and accountable for the way forward

We are looking more deeply into how we conduct our meetings and how we can improve our interactions. I will bring forward more questions and more examples and allow us to look at others as we establish a better way to engage in meetings.

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