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Posted by Brenda Yoho

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” -John C. Maxwell

My friend Jon Lokhorst has written an excellent book titled Mission-Critical Leadership, How smart managers lead well in all directions. It is an opportunity to look at your leadership and how every level of your organization can grow. “Using influence to build relationships and deliver results in all directions within an organization, accelerating it faster and further toward its mission.”-Jon Lokhorst

Jon utilizes his storytelling to connect significant points with real-life events to engage readers. These help to provide a visual and connection. I hope you pick up this book to add to your leadership reading library.

Mission-Critical Leadership focuses on leading in all directions, not in the typical one lane where we are considered the boss. This framework looks at how we lead upward, across, and those below on the organizational chart, but first understanding ourselves as leaders.

Self-leadership is critical in this journey as it is your foundation. It isn't easy to lead others when you are not confident. What impact do you want to have as a leader? How are you described as a leader? Do you engage in professional learning to grow as a leader?

I have tagged, highlighted, written in, and read this book twice. This is a great way to lead. In my career, I have practiced parts of this concept. I genuinely believe Jon has the right idea!

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