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Posted by Brenda Yoho

I read daily, write daily and do a great deal of praying, all in the morning hours. Mornings are my best times of the day because I have rested and I am fresh for the day. I grow weaker as the time of the day passes by.

Justice is a word I have heard frequently in many areas, but this morning I read it from another former student who is grieving the death of her brother from a gunshot. She wants “justice.” I heard these exact words about a former student's death as his sister and family campaigned to find “justice” for his death not long ago, it seems. The violence continues to reach further into homes so close and hearts so near.

I am reflecting on my life journey and recall several times I have said and thought, “I want justice for what has been done to me.” It was my first thought and emotional response of anger, which soon faded as God reminded me of the justice and healing he always provides. You still ask yourself: How could they do that to me? Why would she say that about me? Why did they believe that? Why did he decide to drive that day? More questions pop up each day, but it is a reminder of lessons taught and learned. I am overcoming obstacles and fears to open new doors to pathways of rich rewards. It is in finding hope for the future, the joy in the day, and the promise of justice from the one true judge that keeps my heart full.

As an educator, I firmly believe in teaching responsibility, accountability, and integrity. Modeling is the best way to teach. We seek “justice” when we are angry, grieving, healing, in need, and pleading for help. What is justice? Can we clearly define it? Based on the actions and policies of today, do you find justice? I would love to hear more thoughts about justice.

Prayers for When You Need Justice

Today's inspiration comes from:

A Prayer for Every Occasion

by Carrie Marrs

Lord, You know the pain I’ve endured at the hands of others.
I give myself to You, the Healer.
I also submit to Your command to love everyone around me,
including my enemies.
May I not repay evil for evil—May my heart not wish harm
for those who have hurt me.
Instead, I pray for Your blessing on them.
Make me generous in grace and compassion,
and strong enough to live at peace with everyone. I praise You because justice is in Your nature, and I trust You to carry out justice as You see fit, when You see fit.

You are God, and I am not.
You are on the throne, saying,
“It is mine to avenge; I will repay” (Romans 12:19 NIV).

I give You honor, God,
And leave room for You to do
what Your wisdom says is just and right.

~C. M.

God, You’ve shown us what is good:
to act justly and to do what is fair to others. You’ve sent Your Son to provide peace
and the bond of true fellowship.
Open our eyes to the needs of others —
of all the different types of people in this world. Lead us out of our comfort zones
so we can bless and build bonds
with people who are different from us.
Lead us in respectful service toward one another, treating each other as brothers and sisters.
May we be instruments in Your hands
as You bring Your kingdom of justice and peace. May we spread Your goodness
and bring many to join us
in living close to You in Your glory and love.

~C. M.

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